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PHI-Cell technology can benefit the food supply chain, says RGF

Florida, USA, 14 April 2019: RGF’s patented Photohydroionization (PHI-Cell) technology has benefited the food supply chain, said Bill Svec, VP, Water and Food Products, RGF Environmental Group, while highlighting the company’s contribution to maintaining good IAQ in the food supply chain. According to RGF, PHI is an advanced oxidation technology, used to minimise and neutralise air pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, mould, gases (VOCs) and other odours from indoor air. Pointing to the present scenario, he said, today there are daily reports where food is recalled due to bacterial contamination that occurs in the processing plant or in the supply chain.

Bill Svec, VP, Water and Food Products, RGF Environmental Group

Elaborating, he said, in the past, chemicals were often used as a food safety intervention mechanism, which was not only costly but would also affect the taste and the colour of the food. Today, he added, those who grow food organically benefit most from the technology, and in the food safety aspect, processors have realised that the shelf life of the food product has greatly improved over time.

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