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my-PV launches AC-THOR 9s power controller

Neuzeug, Austria, 13 May 2019: The new power controller, AC-THOR 9s can control electrical room heating as well as water heaters up to 9 kilowatts of power linearly, Austria-based my-PV said through a Press communiqué. It controls three-phase heating elements or up to three electrical heat sources and can even supply several heating circuits and regulate them independently of each other, the company said through the communiqué. 

Stratified charge: AC-THOR 9s can linearly control up to three heating elements

Since it communicates with inverters, battery systems and smart home controls, the intelligent power controller always knows exactly how much excess solar power is available, the communiqué said. In energy-optimised buildings, the device replaces the entire fluid-based heating technology, the communiqué further said. Alternatively, the solar power manager can also be integrated in conventional buffer storage tanks, the communiqué added. The new power controller is no larger than its “little brother”, AC-THOR, which my-PV launched in 2017 for detached and multi-family homes, the communiqué further added.

According to the communiqué, AC-THOR 9s opens up numerous new areas of application due to its high performance. For example, residential buildings with larger solar power systems can further increase their self-consumption by storing more heat. In addition, the communiqué said, the new power controller is ideal for use in agriculture, hotels and commercial buildings, where, for example, high-performance PV systems require a lot of heat for cleaning, manufacturing or wellness.

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