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Giwee launches GCHV 200Pa medium ESP ducted unit

The unit has built-in EXV and optional built-in water pump, company says.

FOSHAN, Guangdong, China, 22 February 2022: Giwee, a subsidiary of Carrier, has launched the GCHV 200Pa Medium ESP Ducted unit.

Making the announcement through a Press release, the company said the brand-new DFC (design for comfort) unit achieves a maximum static pressure of 200 Pa with built-in EXV and E-box design, and optional built-in water pump.

Giwee said the unit offers the flexibility of easily switching the air return from the bottom or from the rear, according to the specific needs of the project. The company further said the unit allows for constant air volume or constant fan speed to be set by means of a wired controller or remote controller.

According to Giwee, the reserve fresh air outlet in the unit can provide fresh air to the built-environment at any time, and that the easy-to-remove filter and fan are convenient for cleaning. Further, the EXV coil and water level switch access port in the unit make maintenance easier, the company said.

Giwee said the units are compatible for E-heater, UVC sterilisation and Wi-Fi-based operations.

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