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The world needs ‘extraordinary IAQ’ to combat COVID, future pandemics

The 6th edition of the World IEQ Forum aims to discuss unprecedented IAQ interventions to curb the spread of infection and the inevitable impact on energy consumption, at a time when the globe is focused on lowering GHG emissions.

DUBAI, UAE, 18 January 2022: COVID-19 has triggered unprecedented attention towards the air we breathe indoors. The 6th edition of the World IEQ Forum, on March 16 at the Sweden Pavilion, at the World Expo, Dubai, comes at an opportune time, with the globe anxious to end the suffering and uncertainty the pandemic has engendered.

Produced by CPI Industry, publishers of Climate Control Middle East, the World IEQ Forum is a mission-critical conference that brings together policy-makers; civil, structural and MEP disciplines; architects; healthcare professionals; and building owners in aviation, education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and other sectors.

It typically addresses a broad sweep of Indoor Environmental Quality issues, but the 6th edition, to be held against the menacing backdrop of the pandemic, will seek to specifically address IAQ issues with a view to advancing the understanding of design, installation and O&M strategies and solutions in the built-environment.

Such has been the chastening effect of the pandemic that certain sections of the building industry are calling for ‘extraordinary IAQ measures’ to combat COVID, including more fresh air changes than the recommended minimum. At the same time, the globe is substantially invested in the drive towards greater energy efficiency, as evidenced by the intensity of discussions in the post-Paris Agreement era.

The need for improving energy efficiency is an indispensable target. It is vitally important to curb energy use in the built-environment to lower indirect greenhouse gas emissions and to optimise the Total Cost of Ownership in an increasingly fragile financial environment.

Given the situation, any action that is likely to trigger greater energy use will continue to attract resistance from climatologists, policy-makers and building owners, amongst other climate stakeholders. The thought-process on climate change is firmly established. Hence, it becomes imperative to transform thought through innovation and collaboration.

The objective of the 6th edition of the World IEQ Forum is to help establish a structured framework, leading to the successful application of innovation, allied with collaboration and coordination and sustained engagement.

Surendar Balakrishnan

“It is a well-acknowledged fact that there is no shortage of innovative design, construction, installation and O&M practices that can complement innovation in equipment towards the goal of greater energy efficiency,” said Surendar Balakrishnan, Co-Founder & Editorial Director, CPI Industry. “The various elements either exist or are in various stages of further development. And if allowed to perform to their fullest potential – together or as clusters of elements – they can lower energy use to such an extent that would compel climatologists, policy-makers and building owners to allow even energy-intense IAQ-related engineering approaches and technologies to be incorporated in buildings. It ought to be noted that the goal still would be to identify and develop IAQ-related design, construction and installation models and technologies that would consume as less energy as is possible.”

The 6th edition of the Forum is co-hosted by Systemair and will see participation from Camfil, Condair and UL, amongst others.

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NOTE: Seats to the 6th edition of the World IEQ Forum are limited and are on first-come-first-served basis. Those interested in attending may write to to register.

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