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Tranter delivers AHRI-certified plate heat exchangers for China project

The heat exchangers are for an ice-storage system in a new financial district in the Fujian Province of the country

BEIJING, China, 12 October 2020: Tranter said it has provided AHRI-certified customized plate heat exchangers for the Winland Group’s Xiamen Winland IFC Project, in the Fujian Province of China. The project is a major commercial building development with a total construction area of about 500,000 square metres (5,400,000 square feet), Tranter said, adding that the heat exchangers are for ice-storage systems providing cooling to various buildings of the project, such as office buildings, a boutique hotel, retail buildings and serviced apartments.

The project will, upon completion, become a new important financial district in the city of Xiamen and an impressive architectural seaside landmark facing the Kinmen Islands, Tranter said.

Tranter said the scope of the project covers the plate heat exchangers for the ice storage air conditioning systems that run at night, when the cooling demand is low, to produce an ice pile. Water then circulates through the pile during peak load hours to produce chilled water that would normally be the chiller’s daytime output, it said. This process typically enables energy to be used more efficiently with less emissions, it added.

The requirement for high energy efficiency, Tranter said, required it to install as many as 800 heat transfer plates per unit while also ensuring the unit could meet the high pressure rating in the design specification from the main contractor.

Tranter added that although the project was executed during the COVID-19 pandemic, its Beijing Factory could manage the complex logistics and project management by means of digitisation and customer commitment and that all the units were shipped out from the factory on time to meet the overall project schedule.

“It’s an honor to be part of this type of high-end project and a big plus is that our plate heat exchangers will help the owner save lots of energy throughout the years,” said Allen Fang, Managing Director, Tranter China & South East Asia.


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