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Eneref Institute validates notable benefits of inverter-driven VRF heat pump

Eneref Institute’s "Cool Room, Cool Earth" campaign urges quicker adoption of inverter technologies in residential and commercial HVAC equipment

WASHINGTON DC, United States, 12 October 2020: Eneref Institute, which advocates sustainable development, said it has closely examined the results of the installation of variable refrigerant flow HVAC units in a residential high-rise building, in Atlanta, Georgia, and has determined that the outcome warrants increased use of inverter-driven air conditioners to mitigate global warming. Eneref said its team of investigators interviewed numerous building occupants as well as the building’s facility professionals and designers participating in the project, to draw their conclusions.

The result, it said, is a report:

According to Eneref, the building in Midtown Atlanta was among the first of its kind to incorporate an innovative technology that could be used to reduce carbon emissions in high-rise buildings throughout the United States. Carbon emissions from air conditioning, it noted, are a major factor in increasing global climate change. The Eneref Institute’s “Cool Room, Cool Earth” campaign (, it said, has brought together a consortium of organisations, including municipalities, homebuilders and manufacturers to encourage greater use of inverter-driven variable-speed air conditioners and heat pumps.

“Limiting global warming will require rapid and far-reaching transitions in energy use,” said Seth Warren Rose, Founding Director, Eneref Institute. “We need to make unprecedented changes to ensure a sustainable and equitable society. Every extra bit of warming matters.”



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