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Brady offers RFID temperature labels

Solution enables wireless temperature reading and monitoring for a wide range of devices, company says

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, 22 September 2020: Brady Corporation said it is offering new RFID temperature labels that enable wireless temperature reading and monitoring for a wide range of devices, equipment, machines, racks, cables and structures. The flexible, temperature-sensing smart labels can be applied to almost any surface to support informed, proactive decision-making, the company said through a Press release.

According to the company, the labels are a low-cost solution for temperature monitoring. Applications include environmental monitoring, material and equipment monitoring, cold chain monitoring, data center monitoring, maintenance and safety data collection and greenhouse monitoring, the company said. The thin and flexible, RFID-enabled smart labels do not need energy or maintenance, the company said, adding that they are energised wirelessly, in the event of a temperature reading with a UHF-compliant RFID reader. Temperature readings can be automated and are picked up by scanners on an ISO 18000-63/64 and ETSI compliant bandwidth, the company said.


The labels have been tested to stay attached and remain legible in heat, cold, dirt, indoors or outdoors, the company said. They are resistant to chemicals, cleaning agents, grease, oil and fuels, the company added. Equipable with a variety of adhesives, they can stay attached to smooth, rough, or powdered surfaces, and to flat or curved surfaces, the company further added.


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