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Rheem launches HVAC Innovation Centre in Dubai

Company says the experiential learning arena, in Dubai Silicon Oasis, aims to enhance knowledge of the HVAC contracting community, and provide skill-based training in the region

Front (L-R): Kartik J Raval, Brian Hempenstall, Pramodh Idicheria and Dinesh Rupani

Dubai, UAE, August 24, 2020: Leminar Air Conditioning Company, a member of Al Shirawi Group, has launched the Rheem Innovation Centre, which the company described as a state-of-the-art experiential and learning arena, at Dubai Silicon Oasis. Brian Hempenstall, Managing Director – Rheem (MEA); Pramodh Idicheria, COO – Leminar Global) and senior members of the Leminar and Rheem teams participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony, on July 28, to officially inaugurate the facility, spanning an area of 367 square metres, Leminar said through a Press release, dated August 24.

Further describing the facility as “digitally forward” and as a revolutionary step towards skill development, Leminar said the centre seeks to positively impact the contracting community by creating a repository of knowledge and by providing training to bring out best-in-class skills among HVAC contractors in the UAE. Through the facility, Rheem will continue to upgrade the level of training offered to its strong network of contractors and provide technology updates to its customers, Leminar said, adding that while Rheem has six such high-tech, hands-on innovation learning centres across the United States, it is with the able support and partnership of Leminar that it has been able to launch the first-ever such centre in the UAE.

Speaking at the launch, Hempenstall said: “Rheem is proud to have a successful collaboration with Leminar and pave the way for its exponential growth in the UAE market. We value this partnership, and together we will make sure this platform proves to be one of the best to harness knowledge and help skill enhancement.”

Added Idicheria: “The Rheem Innovation Centre will bring forth our efforts towards CER (Corporate Environmental Responsibility) and showcase our range of sustainable and technologically advanced products. Leminar’s robust network of customers will benefit from the several live demonstrations and working models installed at the centre, as it will help them get hands-on experience and understand the detailed mechanism behind the products.”

According to Leminar, the Rheem Innovation Centre will…

  • Facilitate the detailed showcasing of VRF systems – their working principles and methods
  • Include a live demonstration lab to enable clients/customers to experience sound/noise levels
  • Include a live working demo of Tecnair Close Control Units
  • Include a performance test rig of Frese PICVs
  • Display all kinds of thermostats and their features
  • Provide a site example of Mexico – specifically, a rotary fixture of an air-handling unit, highlighting Rheem’s skills of placing the unit in four different ways, as per requirement
  • Give a live demonstration of all available air conditioning models
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the working principle of a compressor, where the equipment can be broken down and reassembled
  • Include a dedicated product showroom to showcase Rheem’s cutting-edge offerings that promise a new degree of comfort

Kartik J Raval, GM – Leminar Global, said: “As we move towards a more interactive business model with time, customer experience is key to every business’ growth story. The Rheem Innovation Centre will prove to be the cynosure of experience, education and efficiency for the industry in times to come.”


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