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Camfil wins Grand Indoor Climate Prize

Company wins honour for its Megalam EnerGuard HEPA filtration for cleanrooms

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 18 June 2020: Camfil said it won the ‘Grand Indoor Climate Prize’ in Sweden for the Megalam EnerGuard HEPA filtration for cleanrooms.

The filter has three times longer life span than other HEPA filters with membrane media and can generate energy savings of 30-50% compared to traditional fibreglass filters in the industry, Camfil claimed through a Press release. The media also provides safer handling, with minimal risk of damage during transport and installation, Camfil said.

According to Camfil, the main drivers that motivated the jury to select Camfil were innovation, high filter efficiency, and a combination of best features of traditional fibreglass and membrane filters. The filter technology in the Megalam EnerGuard, Camfil claimed, efficiently separates particles from ventilation air, maintains a lower pressure drop and contributes to better energy savings than traditional fibreglass filters. The filter design, Camfil further claimed, is durable that significantly reduces the risk of damage to the filter during transport and installation.

Torbjörn Bäck, President, Camfil Northern Europe, who received the Award, said: “We at Camfil are elated and proud to be nominated in the first place, and now with this victory, our success reflects the focus towards sustainability in several dimensions. Our R&D team is dedicated to developing filters that meet future demands for efficiency, reduce energy consumption and produce less waste through a longer filter lifetime. Thanks to the commitment and efforts of our colleagues in the industry and the industry associations, together we keep driving the indoor air quality technology development forward.”

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