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Arcadia finalises major investment in ultraviolet technology

The school awards contract to Sanuvox, saying its aim is to protect and ensure the wellbeing of its students

DUBAI, UAE, 11 June 2020: Dubai-headquartered Arcadia School awarded a major contract of ultraviolet technology to Sanuvox, which manufactures ultraviolet air purification products. Making the announcement through a Press release, Arcadia said that under the contract, Sanuvox, through its local distributor, Oasis Coils and Coatings, will install ultraviolet technology to continuously clean its cooling coils and the air molecules coming through the air conditioning systems in both its primary and secondary school campuses.

Ultraviolet technology is recommended by the ASHRAE, the global organisation that sets benchmarks in the field of air conditioning, to help eliminate the transmission of airborne infectious diseases, Arcadia said. In light of COVID-19, sales of UV technology have risen exponentially across sectors, Arcadia added.

“This move is the first in a series of investments we will be making to protect our students when they return to our campuses,” Navin Valrani, CEO, Arcadia School, said. “This is by far one of the most effective methods in eliminating bacteria and mold in our air conditioning units as well as cleaning the air molecules that comes through our ducts by breaking down their DNA.” Valrani said it was his promise to leave no stone unturned to protect the Arcadia community, as and when schools open in Dubai.

Added Jocelyn Dame, President, Sanuvox: “This shows the true commitment of Arcadia’s school towards teachers and student health.  As everyone knows a healthy body in a healthy environment is all we want for our kids to learn, succeed and further contribute to society.”

Arcadia School is part of Arcadia Education, a K-12 British school operator, headquartered in Dubai.


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