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Condair expands dehumidifier range

Move has allowed the company to extend its range to include more desiccant models, plus units that control temperature and humidity

PFÄFFIKON/FREIENBACH, Switzerland, 4 December 2019: Humidity control manufacturer, Condair, has extended its dehumidifier range to include more desiccant models, wall- and ceiling-mounted systems, units that control temperature as well as humidity, and swimming pool units, the company said through a Press release.

Urs Hefti, Head, Condair Global Sales, said: “Having successfully launched Condair dehumidifiers to the Middle East market, just a few years ago, it is very exciting to be able to further strengthen our portfolio of dehumidification systems. Condair now boasts one of the most extensive ranges of dehumidifiers available from a single supplier, as well as offering fully customised solutions for unusual projects or extreme control. Whatever application, capacity or humidity level is needed, Condair has the dehumidifier to perfectly meet the requirement.”

According to the release, the new Condair DA desiccant dehumidifier range now includes capacities from 0.6 to 182 litres per hour (@20°C/60% RH) from its standard models, with customised units being able to meet any larger drying requirement. Features include the ability to operate down to -30°C and consistently maintain an air humidity as low 1% RH, the company said through the release. Units can incorporate on-board touch screen controllers and BMS connectivity, with Modbus as standard, the company said. AC or EC fans are available and are positioned in a push configuration prior to the desiccant rotor on the regeneration airflow, the company added. This avoids contact between the fan and the hot humid exhaust air, prolonging the life of the fan, the company further added.

According to the release, Condair’s new wall-mounted condensing dehumidifier range offers attractive in-room units with a sleek, minimalistic design. Alternatively, wall-mounted systems can be remotely located in a room adjacent to the area being dehumidified, the company said. Humid air is circulated to the dehumidifier and dry air fed back to the room via ducting through the wall, the company said. New ceiling-mounted models enable installers to either integrate the unit in a suspended ceiling system or simply fix it overhead to avoid taking up floor space, the company added. All of these new fixed condensing systems are available in standard capacities from 49 to 190 L/D (@30°C/80%RH), the company further added.

According to the release, for applications that need very tight control over temperature as well as humidity, the Condair DC-N dehumidifier will deliver dry process air as well as cooling to an area or duct. It incorporates a remotely located compressor unit to dissipate heat generated during the dehumidification process, similar to a split air conditioning system, the company said. Dehumidifying capacities range from 263 to 940 L/D (@30°C/80%RH) and cooling outputs from 13 to 43kW, the company added.

To complete Condair’s range of dehumidifiers, the company said, swimming pool models are now available that incorporate a range of features specifically for pool areas. Heat exchangers recover thermal energy from the supply air and the dehumidification process, which can either be introduced to the dry air being returned to the pool area or used to heat the pool water, the company said. Condair’s swimming pool dehumidification systems can also introduce outside fresh air to help improve the internal atmosphere, the company added. Units are offered in free-standing, wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, in-room or in-duct and in capacities up to 940L/D (@30°C/80% RH), the company added.

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