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Natural refrigerants key to meeting carbon reduction targets, says AEFYT

Representative of the Spanish Association for Refrigeration Technology highlights measures being taken by refrigeration companies in the country to promote natural refrigerants

Félix Sanz

Madrid, Spain, 27 May 2019: Natural refrigerants, such as CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbons play a vital role in efforts to meet the F-Gas Regulation’s ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions, said Félix Sanz, Deputy Manager, AEFYT, the Spanish Association for Refrigeration Technology. Sanz said that manufacturers in the refrigeration industry in Spain have showed their support for the cause by developing and installing equipment that can accommodate natural refrigerants and fine-tuning issues related to performance and safety. “The refrigeration industry has made an enormous effort to respond to the challenges of the environmental transition, and natural refrigerants are a very important pillar in this regard,” he said

Sanz said that quality training is more important now than ever before as natural refrigerants gain prominence in the market. The new refrigeration systems, he stressed, require personnel with proper training with regard to safety, energy efficiency, digitalisation and environmental sustainability to ensure that proper measures can be taken when it comes to controlling leakage and to the recovery and recycling of refrigerants. He added that only properly trained and qualified installers can ensure optimal operation and maintenance of the refrigeration equipment.

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