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European associations launch “HVACR Week”

A joint industry initiative by AREA, the Associazione Tecnici del Freddo, EPEE and EVIA, the event aims to persuade the HVACR sector to gather, stop and think on climate change mitigation, post the entry into force of the Kigali Amendment

Brussels, Belgium; Milan, Italy, 13 May 2019: AREA, the Associazione Tecnici del Freddo, EPEE and EVIA are joining efforts to emphasise the importance of the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration sector during the first ever “HVACR Week”, which will take place from June 6 to 12. The associations will be hosting two showpiece events, namely the 18th European Conference in Milan on June 6 and 7, and EUREKA 2019 in Bruges on June 11 and 12. “We want the HVACR Week to be a highlight of our sector’s calendar for years to come,” said Marco Buoni, President, AREA. “Six months after the entry into force of the Kigali Amendment, two weeks following the European elections, and at a time when climate change is a major concern for worldwide citizens, this will be the perfect time for our sector to gather, stop and think about how it can help make the world a better place.” The European Conference, which is held biennially in cooperation with the Centro Studi Galileo (CSG), UN Environment (UNEP), and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIF-IIR), will be held at the Polytechnic University of Milan under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea Protection.

Participants will have the chance to hear updates about the latest technology available on the market through a set of scientific presentations by the Presidents of major global associations and various industry representatives. The debate will focus on climate change and technologies developed to counter its effects.

A few days after the European Conference, EPEE and EVIA will host the third edition of EUREKA which is all about the crucial role of cooling and ventilation for health, productivity, and well-being. “Cooling and ventilation are not a luxury but a necessity,” said Andrea Voigt, Director General, EPEE. “Our sector contributes significantly to a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but is far from getting the attention it deserves. Technologies and solutions are readily available but still not sufficiently deployed. This is even more worrying, as current trends such as urbanisation, an ageing population and a warming climate will fuel market growth as well as energy demand.”

That’s why, EPEE added, this year’s EUREKA will focus on the role of cooling and ventilation in view of the SDGs. The event will explore opportunities for sustainable cooling and ventilation technologies and their role as part of the transition towards smart and sustainable cities and regions, as well as the wider challenges the sector is facing such as skills, employment and gender participation.

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